Customer Experience Mapping


Customer experience mapping is at the core the insight for break through experience innovation. Our research and consulting practice improves customer experiences by starting with an in-depth understanding customer wants and needs, and how well the current customer journey meets them.
Customer Experience Journey

We look at their experience journey within the context of the customers life, their needs, wants, desires and aspirations to understand their emotional drivers, pleasure and pain points.


  • Your experience map identifies the customer journey, their behaviours, motivations, questions, feelings, triggers, and barriers to purchase at every step.
  • By charting the gaps between your current state and the customer’s desired state, paths for experience transformation come into focus.
  • It is the most effective way to drive key audiences closer and to engage them with their spaces, people, channels, touch-points, products and services.
  • We help you to understand how to focus and sequence touch-points, and processes within them, to increase customer acquisition and retention;
  • We will chart-out where you have the best opportunities to create customer delight, eliminate fail-points and combustion points, and understand the purchase journey knowing where the key triggers, enablers and barriers to purchase and repurchase really are.
  • Through our research, you will gain a clear understanding of the Customer Relationship Lifecycle to increase efficacy and ROI of brand marketing, sales and customer experience initiatives.

Once we understand this picture, we will work with your team to generate creative ideas and solutions that will transform client experiences, improve sales effectiveness, retention and referrals. We will lead ideation sessions and workshops, vet and test solutions for desired results acting as the voice of the customer and bring tactical consumer insight tools throughout the innovation process as it is needed.