Research Overview



How research and market insight is used to support strategy and innovation

LOOKING is a form of discovery that begins every engagement and can take many forms. The approach is catered to your challenge.

We start every assignment with a thorough research forensics in order to leverage your current base of market knowledge. If necessary, we will recommend the right methodology to address critical gaps in your current knowledge base. What we find by “looking” provides the inspiration for innovation and is critical to set the stage for the development of ideas that address the right market segments and their priorities.

Each solution is customized to your learning needs and can be delivered in a full range of modes: on-line, telephone, face to face and immersive.

  • Ethnographic and behavioral observation
    • On-site (shop-along) or in a lab or simulated setting
    • Consumer on-line diaries and videographies
  • In-depth individual interviews
    • Face to face or on-line.
  • Focus Groups
    • Face to face, on-site, or on-line
  • Surveys – Usage and Attitude Studies, Segmentation Studies and other custom studies
    • On-line, face to face, telephone, and mobile.
  • Subject Matter Expert Interviews
    • Face to Face, telephone or on-line videography
  • Employee and Leadership Team Engagement Sessions
    • One on one, small group or large-groups
  • Trend Analysis
    • Secondary research search
    • Trend settler future forecast studies
  • Customer Experience Mapping


All our studies are expertly project managed and conducted by CMRPs (Certified Marketing Research Professionals, certified by the MRIA) and adhere to all privacy laws and codes of ethical conduct meeting the highest standards of the research profession.