New Product Development

New product development

  • When thinking of what new products to develop, how creative you are in identifying unique and emerging ideas, and how well you differentiate between the good and best ideas directly effects your bottom line.
  • Our unique new product ideation and conceptualization process was created to generate unique new ideas and distinguish between the merely good and the very best.
  • Our unique co-creation process engages you and your most enlightened customers – people we call future shapers – in the idea generation process. Together we discover the answers that make sense for you.
  • A key foundation of our ideation process is based in consumer experience and behavior with your product and the category. Using future shaper consumers as our guide, we examine consumer motivations for purchase and use, examine the journey from pre-purchase, purchase, usage and replacement and identify the key opportunities for solving problems and creating new solutions.
  • The second key foundation is foresight. We fast-forward you and your team, looking into the future through trend analysis and projection. We work to examine the key forces shaping your target consumer and your product category to identify key areas of new growth and development.
  • The third a final element is the use of projection and co-creation pulling from insights gained from parallel or analogous innovation.
  • Once we have a clear understanding of the high ground for innovation we immerse your cross-functional team in a intensive concept ideation retreat. The retreat allows us to leverage open-source ideation software and concept development technologies which results in scores of potential new product ideas, fully formed into complete concepts ready for testing.
  • We then use tried and true methods for quantifying the potential of the exceptional ideas from the range selected to arm your team with the top-line indicators required for business case development.