How we work


We believe in the power of experience based market insights and introduce the rigor of LOOKING – which is a unique form of discovery – to every assignment. We know that looking at opportunities and challenges from a customer-centric viewpoint is critical to the creation of innovative, competitive, and relevant branding and customer experience design.

Look Create Deliver

Every engagement we undertake includes a rigorous process of LOOKING in order to fuel strategy development and innovation. LOOKING is based on one of the founding principles of design thinking. We look carefully at the customer behavior of your key target markets. We look at the opportunity or challenge from their unique customer viewpoint in order to understand where the opportunities for more innovative experiences truly lie. We also look at key trends in your sector or product line and where the market is moving. We look at critical competitive shifts, and finally we look inward at your own capabilities and uniquenesses in order to fully understand the opportunity.

The output of this work is a set of workable solutions, ideas and recommendations: your blueprint for moving new ideas and initiatives into the marketplace. These deliverables will be specific to your engagement.

At this stage we will work with you, your internal teams, and external experts as required to guide successful implementation. Our role is not to perform the implementation, it is to provide guidance as the voice of the customer through all aspects of experience design and implementation to ensure a relevant, differentiated and powerfully effective result.

We use specialized research methodologies to gather forward-looking customer-centric experience-based insights to give fuel to innovative ideas and strategies, and help you to make them a reality. Although we work in a variety of sectors, our greatest depth of experience is in:

RetailProfessional and Financial ServicesTravel & EntertainmentHealthcareHospitality